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Led by the innovative and ambitious founder, Terri King, Terri King Commercial stands proudly as an exclusive boutique commercial real estate firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Since its inception in 2018, this dynamic, woman-owned firm has quickly gained renown for delivering the kind of personalized attention often overlooked by larger corporate entities in the industry.

Possessing a hawk-like eye for detail and a comprehensive grasp of the commercial real estate landscape of the METRO Atlanta market, Terri’s commitment to serving her clients goes beyond the transaction. She passionately pursues the maximization of clients’ returns, cementing lasting professional relationships rooted in trust and satisfaction.

Offering an impressive range of real estate services, the team at Terri King Commercial excels in both sales and leasing of commercial properties such as offices, retail spaces, and land. However, it’s their astute ability to unearth untapped, lucrative opportunities for owners, tenants, developers, and commercial investors that truly differentiates them in the competitive Atlanta market.

Under Terri’s strategic guidance, her firm continually redefines industry norms, unwavering in its mission to stay within predetermined timelines and budgets. Moreover, Terri King Commercial sets the benchmark high with its fierce dedication to continuous learning and scrupulous diligence.

With the woman-owned Terri King Commercial as your trusted partner, you’re not just getting a commercial real estate company; you’re aligning with a strategic collaborator that’s committed to unlocking your investment’s enormous potential, thereby guaranteeing fruitful results. Their services are a blend of keen local insight, robust commercial real estate experience, and an unrivaled level of personalized service. Welcome to the unique world of Terri King Commercial where excellence meets real estate.

Why are we one of the fastest-growing commercial real estate firms in Atlanta?

How do we provide our clients—owners, tenants, developers, and commercial real estate investors—with the keen insights and lucrative deals that give them the edge in the Atlanta real estate market?

Simply put, we do the hard work.

Like our namesake eagle, we know every nook and cranny of Atlanta real estate. No real estate deal happens in Atlanta without Terri King Commercial seeing it. Every office, every parcel of land, every industrial park, every retail building—nothing escapes our sight.

We scour the city relentlessly. We connect with the movers and shakers, the commercial real estate investors and lenders. We plot our moves based on our own shrewd market research. We ask tough questions—and then we confirm the answers for ourselves.

We don’t stop learning. Ever. And our clients reap the benefits:

  • We seize lucrative opportunities before others even recognize them as opportunities.
  • We negotiate better deals than our competitors because we know precisely who’s paying what, where, and when.
  • We manage build-outs that set the standard for Atlanta real estate—all while staying on time and on budget.
  • We deliver best-in-class property management while keeping vendor costs to a minimum.
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Partnering with our boutique Commercial Real Estate broker sets you apart from being just another number to larger corporations.
We empathize with the intricate challenges you confront during real estate decisions.Our comprehensive services bring a fusion of experience, insight, and profound market knowledge to every task.

We strive to enrich the worth of your real estate transactions from inception to completion, emphasizing personalized attention that big firms can’t match.

Terri King Commercial Collaborates

We’ve baked “collaboration” into our company culture.

Brokers talk to property managers. Accountants talk to partners. Researchers talk to everyone. And in the process, we discover openings and develop negotiating leverage that others simply don’t.

Terri King Commercial is a knowledge factory.

If knowledge is power, then thanks to our seasoned team of pros, knowledge is also money, lowered risk, and world-class service.

Terri King Commercial Is Passionate

We don’t dabble in real estate. We eat it in our breakfast tacos. We doodle it on our lunch napkins. We dream about it at night.

And that’s why each service we offer—from tenant representation to project management to commercial real estate investment services—is the best in its class: Because Terri King Commercial is a team of spirited, passionate real estate fans. We love this city and helping our customers find their place in it.

Terri King Commercial Is Agile

The Atlanta commercial real estate market is one of the most dynamic in the country.

The possibilities are plentiful. But so is the competition. And that’s why we’re committed to staying agile—on our toes, nimble, poised to seize an opportunity the instant it pops up.

We’ll never let red tape entangle us. We’ll never suffocate under the weight of our own importance. We’ll never let pride or “process” get in the way of doing what’s best for our clients.

The Head Honchos

A real estate firm is only as effective as its leadership. And since our founding in 2018, Terri King Commercial’s principals have cultivated a culture of hard work balanced with hard fun. (That’s why so many of our clients end up becoming our good friends.)

But make no mistake: The experts who have turned Terri King Commercial into a premier commercial real estate firm are major leaders in our industry. If you want to know the future of Atlanta’s real estate landscape, these are the people to ask.

Read more about Terri King Commercial’s leadership and executive team.

Meet Your New Best Friends

When we say we love Atlanta real estate, we aren’t kidding. Passion is a prerequisite for joining the Terri King Commercial team. Whether a tenant rep, broker, project manager, or market researcher, every staff member is tireless in their role. These are the women and men who work every day to uncover the edge our clients deserve.

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